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Puppy School Auckland


Puppy preschool classes are for puppies from 8-13 weeks old on their first class, they must have proof of their vaccination status.

Puppies need to have had their first vacination. 

These classes teach basic cues such as loose lead walking, sit, stay, down, come and drop it.  Socialisation and understanding dog communication.

Caring for your puppy will be easier with understanding health and dental care, crate training and parasite control.

The classes are run at CareVets Mt Wellington, a clean, indoor environment provides a safe venue for your puppies to learn until they are fully vaccinated.

Positive, reward-based training will help build bonds between you and your puppy and offers socialisation and understanding dog communication.

Classes are run on Tuesday evenings from 6:15-7:15 or Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:00. 

Contact us for the next class date.


Individual training and obedience skills are held at your place where your pet has fewer distractions , this makes learning easier.

Positive, reward-based training uses no punishment or fear, with modern, proven techniques. 

Private classes for one-on-one puppy training, post-surgical enrichment and teaching your pet to accept medications are also available.

Clicker training and setting up cat or rabbit environments to reduce anxiety and increase desired behaviours are also available.

Pet Training Auckland
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