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Hi, I'm Ange

Growing up in a house full of pets, I developed an affinity for companion animals which has continued with me until today.


In the year 2000 I qualified as a vet nurse, pausing to raise my 2 children before returning to the industry.


I am currently a  Team Leader at my clinic and further building on my interest in animal behaviour with numerous seminars, webinars, podcasts, and books.

I look forward to strengthening the bonds between you and your pet, while guiding through the how's, what's and why's of your furry family members.

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My love of learning has led me to:

  • Certificate in Veterinary Nursing

  • Delta Institute certificate in canine behaviour (current)

  • Level 3 certificate Fear Free Vet Nurse

  • Certified Fear Free animal trainer

  • Helping run the cat rescue charity Paw Kitties

  • I have run puppy preschool classes since 2006

Dog Training Auckland

With Pawfect Pet, your dog, cat, and even rabbit, will learn new skills using modern reward-based techniques which are proven to help your pet retain new information.


Positive reinforcement training will bring out the best for you and your pet and help you understand each other’s communication from a Fear Free certified trainer and Veterinary Nurse.

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